Spring of Macau – 70th Anti-Japanese War and World Anti-fascist War Victory Memorial Symphony Concert

May 2015
Organizers: Macao Liaison Office Division of Education, Chinese Musicians Association, Macau Chinese Cultural Friendship Association
What we did: Technical stage planning

Kicking off by the Yellow River Cantata piano solo performed by the acclaimed pianist Shucheng Shi, famous artists from Mainland China and over a thousand people from Macau in the audience were energized by the heroic melodies from the period of anti-Japanese war. Spring of Macau had entered its fourth year since 2011. It is an important platform for arts and cultural exchanges between Macau and Mainland China. It is also an important window to introduce the beauty of Chinese culture to the Macau public.

Venus Audio and Lighting Engineering Company Limited was responsible for providing lighting, audio and projection equipment, stage design, as well as arranging technicians to provide on-site support and stage supervision.